Monday, December 24, 2012

A Grown Man Crying خلدون سودان سالونى 2013

He is a Syrian man who sounds like he is one of the Egyptian boys who like to sing at public concerts at wedding and such events where the single and broke enjoys weeping about their life and the trails they have had. Poor people like to feel sorry for themselves or so it seems to me. I do not find myself in love with such song, but I know they are popular with some folks

Khaldoon Sudan is that young Syrian talent. Khaldoon has already traveled to places like Australia to perform to Arab expats living out there. He is also known for his cover of old Arabic classics that remind one of home, mother, love and the friends.

see him perform one of his rendition live in this Facebook video. Syrian artists are far more talented than most their peers in Lebanon. They are loyal to the tradition and old school style. They do get under served by their weak media presence and lack of music production at home.

 خلدون سودان سالونى 2013


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