Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mostafa Shawki Egypt's Newest Old Man / Young Man Singer

Mostafa Shawki is an underrated Egyptian contemporary composer/singer. He has singed up with Hamid El Shari to include one of his folksy seaside songs in one of the hits album. The music for his track is nothing new, part of the folklore that has been around for ages. But Mostafa's voice is a treat. Had I not known better, I would think this is some old guy's song who has lived in the 1960s.

Mostafa had a song before on Rahab Radio--owned by Hamid El Shari as well. The single talked about national unity and its importance at this moment. I know the music scene is crowded, but not with this style. This is a throwback song to an era where people think their dreams have been buried.

مصطفى شوقي - ليل يابو الليالي


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