Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lela Al Maghribyah With Kittens and Romance ليلا المغربيه - رومانسي

Morocco and Pop go hand in hand, plastic surgery pop has a home it's called Beirut. But Lela could care less about that, her latest single flies over the Gulf and flirts with their songs, as she has chosen to perform a song in that dialect. The Gulf has always been kind to the female singer form Al Maghreb  since the 70s to be exact.

Lela joins a very long line of Moroccan who move their careers to the Gulf area where there are countless poets with a lot of money to fund music videos.

She lives in a villa with a handsome dude who makes her breakfast as she workout. He leaves her messages on the mirror, moves the chair for her and all the fine details. Do not forget the tons of expensive gifts he purchases her. Seriously, where did she find this guy?

It's not a bad song, but it's far from being perfect. It's a pop song that the artists wanted to share with us. Good lyrics, but the music videos lives in an alternative universe.

Lela Al Maghribyah - Romancy / ليلا المغربيه - رومانسي


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