Monday, December 17, 2012

What's Next For Indie Rock In Egypt

The Egyptian revolution brought down the censors and allowed young and talented musicians to come out of the shadow, they no longer needed government permission to perform in a venue. They no longer had to be pro regime to be on TV or get concert permits--within reason of course. So they have flourished singing about the man in the streets, their aspirations  their frustrations and a lot of funny stuff.

Indie bands of Egypt have managed to make some money too by releasing albums, doing concerts to the masses, and in some cases doing commercials and product endorsement. I since a fatigue in among bands--they had a great 2011 and a good 2012, but as pop stars come out and put out new music--the competition has become stiffer. Now there's some real market and indie bands ran the music scene in 2011, find themselves having to compete with seasoned and popular stars.

Album sales usually help make some money, but to be frank without copy rights protection, the money is limited. I believe reaching out to other markets outside of Egypt, would help get some cash, maybe a song in English or French that can stand on its own. Also movie soundtracks might be a good idea for quick cash. Some movies like fresh music that has been made for the movie.

I think, members of the band should also have their own concerts or music festivals. Alternative summer music festivals are not very well developed back home. College kids love to check out new bands and that's a great start. Pop can turn one's soul into a zombie, indie rock and such music can challenge listeners.

مسار أجباري - أقرا الخبر