Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hany Shaker and Mohamed Mounir Disagree

Both are great singers, both are care for their country Egypt and both have a solid fan base. One does romance like no other and the other keeps changing styles. Mounir however, had this to say about stars who join shows like Arab Idol, The Voice and other shows:

"I consider singers as judges on those TV shows is like a retirement" Hany Shaker who appears on Sawt Al Haya as a judge did not find those words accurate. But Hany is classy and he kept it so, "I think those who say that singers doing commercials are lame, I disagree with them" he added, "I think such commercials add to the star, not take away form him"

Why does this matter, Mohamed Mounir has been doing ads for some years now, his latest is for a mobile company. Hany had sobering words, "I do not think people should rush to judgement, being part of those shows is doing a service to the society"

I think Mounir was right to state his opinion, and Hany was right to disagree and counter such opinion. This is a healthy discussion

محمد منير من عزاء بنت هاني شاكر

محمد منير يتحدث عن مطربين مصر -Ultras MouniRian-


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