Sunday, December 23, 2012

@Lagix Samples The Classic Ahwak By Abdel Halim

I have received this tweet on my account about a new song by Lagix where they are boating about sampling a song from Abdel Halim Hafiz.

The song is Ahwak and those are two guys from Denmark who grew up listening to Arabic music. The band members are Mazen Ismail and Hadi Kakush who met when one of them moved into a small town in the countryside. Their first gift exchange was a Thriller, the album by the King of Pop. This gift would open Pandora's box

After years of refining their music skills, In 2011, Lagix released their first single "Jeg Føler Dig" Remix, which reached the Danish iTunes top 50 chart within 18 hours. In 2011, Lagix will be releasing their first international debut album recorded in English, self-titled 'LAGIX'. The album is produced in collaboration with Vivid, Nexus, Turkman Souljah, Saqib and Es. 'LAGIX' will be released in fourteen different countries later this year.

The railer below is showing some of the direction the album will take.

Lagix - Love You (Trailer)


  1. Sweet! Looking forward to the Video!

  2. Wow this is nice :)