Sunday, December 30, 2012

Indie Rock HATE Fest For The Brotherhood Of Egypt

The slackers of Egypt are uniting behind indie rock stars who have been busy attacking the president of Egypt and his party. They all have the right to express their views, and let it be heard what they really think. Activists are now lining behind Ramy Essam, the rock star who calls members of the Muslim Brotherhood party dogs and not in a good way.

Ramy has been waging his own war on the Egyptian presidency, something he clearly has the right to do in any peaceful way. Those whom he attacks have been doing the right thing, by ignoring him and dismissing him. Eventually he will go away, like all the others.
Another dissident voice is rock star Mado who has just released a track accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of being disloyal and known for betrayal and other unkind attributes.

Ramy Essam - Ana El Sa7y رامى عصام - أنا الصاحى

خان يخون اخوان .. اهداء ل باسم يوسف - غناء .. مادو


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