Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Girls Are Stalkers Too! The Music Video Will Tell

Mashael is a Saudi pop princess who makes sure to tell people she has Lebanese heritage. Saudis do not like their women singing in public and anytime you meet on of their female musicians  some Saudi will tell you, she is not really a Saudi.

This time they are right, as Mashael is a cool chick that makes romance and pop songs that few dare to make. I like her often bold music videos made to poetic lyrical songs which she performs with hear and soul. Her next music video has been filmed a month ago, and now the promo is out, the video will release for the Eid celebration.

The plot for the music video is strange, a girl likes boy, she goes into his place snoops around and figure out what he is like--he is not home. Then he comes home trips over the stuff his soon to be lover. He break his leg. She has been watching his every move. Now, if a guy does that he might have to go to jail, but if a girl does it, it's romantic.

 مشاعل - أقول لبيه - قريباً | Mashael - Agoul Labbeh - Soon


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