Sunday, December 16, 2012

WATCH: ‫كليب حمادة هلال - ماعشتهاش 2012 / Hmada Helal - Ma 3shthash

Hmada Helal 2012 album was not the big hit he had hoped for. It was good, just not that special. Maybe if things better in Egypt, we may feel happier. But as an album, it just lacked that one strong offered few things here and there, but no one solid track.

But I see he chose a song to film into a music video, the one where he sounds a little bit like a country boy from the Egyptian country. It's a cute song and the dialect feels original  we just do not hear many of those songs anymore. Hmada is giving them some exposure and this time he is not mocking the dialect and the loving people who speak it. Instead he is celebrating it.

I like the humor and subtle romance the song and its music video sport.

‫كليب حمادة هلال - ماعشتهاش 2012 / Hmada Helal - Ma 3shthash


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