Friday, December 28, 2012

I Know Who Killed Tunisian Songstress Zikrah ذكرى!

The official story, her husband was jealous killed her and shot himself on November 28, 2003.
Police reported domestic staff at the couple's home as saying that Ayman Al Swidi, an Egyptian businessman, used a submachine gun to fire the fatal shots at his wife, 42, during a marital dispute. Her body was found with 15 bullets in the chest and head, police said, after earlier saying that only four shots had been fired. Swidi also killed the singer's manager, Khadiga Salaheddin and his own advisor  Amr Hassan Sabri, during the fracas at their apartment in the chic Zamalek area of the Egyptian capital. Salaheddin and Sabri were themselves married.
But most people did not buy this story for one second. It's a bogus story and people with little knowledge believe this cute story an certainly understand a man can kill for love. However, there has been a number of conspiracy theories about the murder of the beloved diva Zikra.

Those theories are focused on a song she did right before she was murdered  An anti-Saudi regime song where she puts the country and its royal regime to shame for using Americans and others to protect the house of Allah. In the song she says, we can skip the hajj. It was an harsh criticism of the regime and its shameful politics.

Arab singers do not do these songs anymore  but now we have more info thanks to one journalist who have investigated the murder and the back-story. Hassan Abdel Fattah is among Egypt hardest working journalists and boldest perhaps. Hassan argues that Swidi has no trouble divorcing people as he has married few times before and he was never a violent person. According to Hassan, the Qaddafi written the controversial song which Zikra sang--the song dubs the King of Saudi Arabia as a retard and an idiot who is the song of a retard. The song aired in Libya and when a wind of it got to Saudi Arabia--they spring into action.

I do not know if this story is true, but I know the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Libya do not stand one another. Qaddafi had good relationships with most Arab singers. Plus Zikra is Tunisians--Libya's next door.   Also husbands killing their wives is so uncommon among Arab celebrities. All those things make the official story fishy.

Zikra (Cause of Death) Song


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