Monday, December 17, 2012

Video: Arab Idol Season Two Returns With Fireworks

If you are Arab, young, unemployed and have crazy dreams--you must be good looking too, there's hope for you. Join Arab Idol, they may pick you to appear on the show. First they will for to Cairo for auditions  then to Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Dubai ending in Lebanon.

The show is the second season for Arab Idol, and the net is already abuzz about this talent scouting show. To promote the season, the producers hired Carmin Soliman to shoot a promotional video as she is the first season winner and now she is working on an album. Carmin did very well and has manged to win big with MBC and festivals who have come to love her style and her bubbly childish personality.

She is looking all grown up and looking might fine walking down the rest carpet.

كارمن سليمان في اعلان الموسم الثاني من عرب ايدول


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