Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Download: Julia Arabic Christmas Album 2012 البوم جوليا بطرس - ميلادك

Julia is a devote Christian who is a full Arab and a proud Lebanese entertainer. She breaths Lebanon and she has always defend resistance in Palestine and Lebanon. She is your unusual diva, the issues and the woes of her people and nation seem to always trouble her. Her music is a testament to the historic times she releases such works. Her sang for the Civil War in Lebanon, she sang for the Palestinian intifada. 

This year she releases a Christian album made for Arabic speaking worshipers for the holiday season. This is a worship album that feels like hymns. I want to take a minute and dance out of excitement for this album. I want to tell those pious Christian missionaries with blues eyes to go suck it. An super Arab star whose fan base is much larger they can process, is releasing a major album in Arabic celebrating Christianity.

This is a mainstream album by Julia Boutros, a devout Christian and an Arab who does not flee and come to trash other Arabs and Muslims. This is a wholesome family album and Julia's vocals combined with the live orchestra--recorded in in the city of Prague and produced by an Arabic music label and musical arrangement by Michael Fadel. Find below the links to the some of the songs about Christ, the Savior, God and the Virgin Mary. But there are also songs for the little ones at this special time of celebration. Also the mush of the songs is embeded below.   
01 - Eza Ni2is 7ada
02 - Jayi Yasou3
03 - 3eed El Milad
05 - Lamma Kenet Zghireh
07 - Laylit 3eed
07 - Miladak
09 - Ya 3adra
10 - Ya Hala Tallayt

Julia Boutros Medley Miladak Christmas songs جوليا بطرس ميدلي ألبوم ميلادك


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