Friday, December 14, 2012

See Our List Of Arab Celebrities Marriages And Divorces

2012 was a busy season for most stars in Arabia with a slow market and slower demand, the artists have decided to stay on the spotlight by wither getting married or by getting divorced. Here's a rundown of some of the events that took place this year


  1. Tamer Hosny got hitched, the most popular bachelor for years settle down with Moroccan pop personality Bassima Boussil. They kept the marriage secret for few months--they were married in the Egyptian embassy in the United States. 
  2. Actor Asir Yassin in secrecy was engaged and got married to a young women who is not part of the showbiz. No idea who this girl is, but we still think Asir is a talented young actor. 
  3. Actor Khalid El Say, the popular actor turned activist turned member of a music band. He was hitched in a small party attended only be a dozen of people. 
  4. Actress Basma married the political activist and university professor Doctor Amr Hamzawy. the wedding was a major news event in Egypt and was kept secret for a long time. Photographers were not allowed in, but pictures of the weddings have surfaced nonetheless. 
  5. Songstress Marwa Nasir married producer Mohamed Allam, they invited people to an engagement  and then turned into into a full blown wedding at their villa.  
  6. Actress Reham Abdel Ghafour tied in the know in a big wedding with many celebrities attending the event which was held on the 12th day of the 12th month in 2012.
  7. Hit-maker and Egyptian folksy and singer Amina was married where her sister performed a number of songs, this was a major wedding bash.
  8. Singer Essaf tied the knots to a young British woman who have accepted Islam as a religion and this was reported along with picture of the religious ceremony.  
  9. Yasmeen Jillani married a fellow artist Omar Khurshid after long love story. They had a wedding for their friends and family. 
  10. Popular box office darling actor Mohamed Ramadan, the dark horse of Egyptian cinema was married to a young women who comes form outside the showbiz  Among the guests of the wedding singer Tamer Hosny. 
  1. Haifa Wehbe left her Egyptian husband last month, and the cause of the divorce are mysterious. Haifa milked the post divorce stories to her advantage.  
  2. Shrien Abelwahab, dumped her partner and music composer/arranger Mohamed Mostafa, this was a surprise to many of us--since they have two little girls. 
  3. Rania Farid Shawki left her husband actor Moustafa Fahmy for the third time. Neither party is talking and it seems the press have given them their privacy.
  4. Actress Rania Yousef has the biggest divorce story form her husband, and many media accusations between the couple of conspiracies and stealing money and wild threats. Her ex is businessman Kareem Al Shibrawy 
  5. Ghada Abdel Razik who has been accused of trying to copy Haifa did not help herself when she divorced her husband and media personality Mhamoud Foodah.
  6. Syrian young diva Rouwida Attieh divorced her husband and business manger, she cited that he cares about her business more than about them making a family. 
  7. Actor Mohamed Ramadan divorced his wife and the mother of his only daughter--two months later he would get hitched in big bash.
Did we forget anyone? Tell us


  1. what about wael kfoury

  2. I am sorry for Haifa as i get the impression her ex- Husband handled the Marriage/divorce like it was a Business deal to him. On the other Hand, i often Found her to rebellious towards her Fans on twitter, pretending, her Life was all that and a bag of Chips! Now, Look what happened!!! She is a 2x divorce diva. Who Inshallah learned her lesson not to talk back so fiery to people via twitter. Her Life is afterall Not As glamarous As She pretends.