Thursday, December 20, 2012

WATCH: Ahmed Dari Zings Sheikh Hamad Of Qatar لا اهلا ولا سهلا فيك٬ الى امير قطر٬ غناء احمد داري

The leader of the Qatari nation and the pimp of the Arab Spring Prince Hamad. The leader of Qatar might have great intentions, but it seems he has pissed off a lot of people. and I do not mean the supporters of dictators, but rather the common man in the street. Take for example, his visit to Gaza he went there promising huge development projects, the people rejoiced for his visit and celebrated.

A week later, Gaza gets attacked by Israel--the largest assault since early 2009. Then he has made a lot of friends in places like Syria as he tries to topple Bashar Al Assad with unlimited amount of money and unlimited supplies of terrorists. So do not be surprised if a well known Palestinian artists takes the Sheikh to task for his role and questionable positions.

The song comes as prince Hamad is planning a visit to Ramallah to meet with President Abbas. Ahmed Dari hopes the prince won't find many greeters as he visits the West Bank. Leave us alone says the singer, your dollars are not going to be us rich. Take a clue prince The singer is sipping coffee as he stands to perform his song. You come under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces. Stick to your money and gas, enough what Gaza has seen on your watch.

The line I adore, when Arafat was under siege  you guys have not visited and have not tried to help him out. I do not like mocking the Sheikh's wife for her name. It's not classy and she is doing a lot of good work. Her husband might have done awful things.

لا اهلا ولا سهلا فيك٬ الى امير قطر٬ غناء احمد داري


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