Monday, December 31, 2012

Overview of 2012 Arabic Entertainment, Fueds, And Gossips

Life did not end in 2012, but the career of one popular hit maker it was the end--Fadel Shaker quit. The social media helped fuel feuds between stars among them Ahlam (UAE) and Shams (Kuwait). Latifa and Haifa Wehbe hate one another.

Many Arabic festivals took place, like the one in Cairo for movies. A number of stars got sued and attacked for previous works--the law of court. Justice has been served and those firecrackers have lost their attacks. Other news are included in this much video. 

Ragheb Alama had a good year and has sold his new fragrance. And in other news, 2012 saw the most released Christmas and Christians albums. Few got married and some got divorced.

حصاد 2012: إعتزالات خلافات وقضايا


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