Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Arabic Entertainment's Biggest Loser Divorcees

Divorce is not uncommon in the entertainment industry, the Arab stars are not immune from it. It happens often and it seems to go away quickly and privately. But when it fails it blows up in everyone's face. 

Most marriages work and last a long time, but it only seems that each of those marriages has to end in divorces, when in reality, only few of them end up separating. There are happy marriages too, and they do not have to take away from the entertainer's success. It does get complicated when the spouse is also a business manager of a partner in some ventures. 

Two examples come to mind when I think of Arab celebrity divorces, I am only going to talk about the loser husbands who have been dumped due to a a number of reasons. Those men refuse to go away quietly and insist in making a scene:

  1. Asalah Nasri has broken up with her husband after 14 years together and two kids! Ayman Al Dahabi has been cheating on Asalah and has admitted so on public TV. He is a bully too who tired to intimidate the songstress with lawsuits. He has also insisted on playing a key role in her stardom. Ayman has argued that he will give the Arab world another Asalah, but so far he has not done anything like that. Asalah's career and family are going very strong and nobody cares about Ayman and his various stuns for attention. 
  2. Nawal El Zoghby announced her divorce in August 2008 that she and her husband broke up. The official divroce took years to validate. Nawal El Zoughbi and Eli Deeb marriage that lasted around 15 years. Nawal has three children from Elie, their first a daughter, named Tia born in 1998 and twin boys Georgy and Joey born in the year 2001. A year prior to the official divorce, rumors spread that Elie had strongly opposed to some scenes from Nawal 2007 clips for the songs Aghla Al Habaib and Shu Akhbarak, in which Nawal El Zoghby and lebanese male model, Saleh Abdul Nabi, acted some intimate scenes. Apparently Eli Deeb was jealous. So far, we are ok, but then he goes off attacks the songstress for being a bad mother and an ill role model for their kids--he is so wrong. He tops that by going to hire a new singer to work with her to make her the next Nawal. He even produced an album for that young women with a title like that Nawal has been known for. Needless to say the young female singer has the blondish looks as well.

I guess, I do not really understand these guys, by talking too much about their divorce, they are hurting their exes, their kids and making themselves look pathetic.

Sire Winfatahet: Stars' Divorce - سيرة وانفتحت مع زافين: طلاق الفنانات



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