Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Listen: Abdul Salam Mohammed Rumba Music Single ماصارت صبر عبدالسلام محمد

He is one of the tend of Star Academy former stars, but he is so different from most of them. A unique voice with Iraqi flavors written all over him. He had to face many obstacles being part of the show and has lasted more than his peers--Aside form music, he is a good soccer player where he prefers the goalie position  He was also a player for a professional soccer team.

Here's the kicker he is form Kuwait, but you will never guess that from his singing, his dialect and his energy  The rumba music is very hot right now in the Khalij. Seven out of 10 local songs use the Rumba beat to step up the volume and heat things up. I like this single, it makes me feel happy and excited to be alive. I do not have to hear the story or the lyrics, this is the right way to make a catchy song.

ماصارت صبر عبدالسلام محمد


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