Friday, December 14, 2012

Video: In Qatar, @SamiYusuf Comes In Peace

Qatar loves attention, they crave it and sometimes they deserve it. One way to get attention is to bring popular stars and have them talk about your country and the achievements there. Another way is to bring a global star who comes with a great message and little baggage. Sami Yusuf is that global star and he is promoting a new album out "Salaam".

Sami used his time well in Qatar, toured some of the country's touristy places, and talked to the press and fans. He does it with humility and intellectual curiosity. The Official state TV interviewed him and so has the country's biggest radio station. The State's biggest news agency has also sat with him to talk about his visit. Half a dozen news agencies and publications interviewed him including the Gulf Times newspaper. Form the video below, you can see he has charmed his way through them all.

And if you are in Qatar and Aljazeera wants to do an interview--you give it to them. But the trip was to help promote the album by singing copies to the hundreds of screaming fans. Lots of kids turned out to the event and spoke with the artist. The cool thing Sami did in Qatar was listen to young talents who want to sing similar songs, he gave them tips and advice. He seemed gracious through it all. Many of his young fans came out and performed covers of his most beloved hits.

Then the trip to Qatar came to an end with the sold out arena concert, it seems to have been a lively experience attended by many Muslims form around the globe.    

Sami Yusuf - Qatar Show Highlights | Dec 2012


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