Monday, December 24, 2012

This is My Jam Arabic House Mix 2013

Some people around the globe have an idea of Arabic pop and dance mixes, so they make their own tracks. This is specially true in Eastern Europe and Russia where DJs dominate the charts as they always search for the next big thing. Arabic music intrigues some of them and invites them to work on something different form their own.

Thus, we have Arabic house mix to get you in the groove. Parties are fun and music is truly the life of the party, it takes one slow night where strangers struggle to have conversation and makes it a lot more interesting and a lot more fluid.

So this is the kind of music that you can play at your dance party, where you do not really have to hear what others have to say. Maybe you can play it in your car as you drive the limitless road. See some of the comments people have posted on the video to give you an idea of the appeal of such mix.

  • pupaphobia13
    I'm from SERBIA and I love this!!!!!!!!
  • Stephanie Garcia
    I descend from Spaniards and Arabic's, I've always had a deep love for Arabian music but most of this track is not Arabian, some is Armenian.

Arabic House Mix 2012


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