Monday, December 31, 2012

Listen: Houwayda Yousef New Single اغنية هويدا يوسف - غيب - جديد 2013

Houwayda Yousef is a very proud Syrian she is by the people no matter what the media says about Syria, she is not buying into the revolution and those Gulf states fiddling in her country. She has even waged ware against Asalah Nasry and her stands against the Syrian government. Houwayda has been singing since she appeared on that Aleppo stage in 1996.

Her first album came in 1998 with Rotana and her follow up album came in 1999 and the third in 2001. She tends to film most of her songs and turn them into music video. The fourth album got a release in 2003 and the fifth hit the stores in 2005. But since then and she has been releasing singles--she collaborates with the biggest names in both Lebanon and Egypt.

To her credit, she has recorded and released 13 patriotic songs for Syria. She is out with a new single, a bluesy one the style she knows best. I like her new single, it sounds like those vintage Bedouin songs we have come to expect from Syria.

اغنية هويدا يوسف - غيب - جديد 2013


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