Friday, December 21, 2012

The Unwrapping Of Pretty And Talented Ziad Bourji

I was not aware that hip Lebanese singer Ziad Bourji was a composer. He has hit it big in the mid 2000 with few romantic singles. He did romantic singles and sounds like the guy you would want him serenading you. He can pull the charm very well. Then all of a sudden I learn he is actually a good composer. He composed one of the finest songs on Elissa's 2012 album and he has performed it live on stage at one of her concerts.

Now Ziad has been starring in Lebanese sitcom which according to him in this interview has high rating. This is a talented entertainer who also looks stylish. He is also speaking about his most recent statements about his lack of respect to journalists, a scene in the sitcom started the rumor mill.

Ziad started his career in in 1996 when he appeared on the hit show Studio El Fan then. But he has also taken part in the Star Academy show on LBS on its fifth season. He is an avid PlayStation player and has confessed to writing songs with a poet who also plays with him. He does romantic songs, and dance Lebanese songs. And his most recent project involved him working on a music in the Khaliji dialect.

Ziad will performed at two New Year concerts in Beirut alongside Naya and Ayman Zabib

زياد برجي: إحترامي للصحافة لا يزايد عليه أحد


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