Saturday, December 15, 2012

Listen: Nader Al Atat New Single نادر الاتات: من بعد ما توبك بستو

Nader Al Atat has been trying to get a hit song of his own. I think he might have just arrived with the help of the resourceful composer and song writer Salim Assaf. A passionate romantic song who is ready to take the relationship to the next level despite all hiccups.

I love how warm Nader's voice sounds. He sounds extra sweet, right in that sweet spot. If I am Ayman Zabib, I would be worried. This is a new singer that has all the right notes and pitches to make vulnerable yet passionate romantic songs.

The song does something that has never been done before. A guy in fire waiting for his loved one to be pregnant with his kids. Some parts of the song are about more in the bedroom stuff, I have kissed your dress and guarded your mouth. Thus, this song is sensual with a creamy feel to it.

I feel this song will appeal more to women and to sensitive guys who are good in heart. Nader stands out now and I know the airwaves in Lebanon will be his for some time.

Nader Al Atat : Men ba3d ma tawbik bestou نادر الاتات: من بعد ما توبك بستو


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