Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yara Doen's Want To Sing, She Sells Stuff Now

PIAGET just hired Lebanese singer Yara to be their front in the Middle East area. Yara has endorsed other companies in the past mostly jewelry and underwear. The last four news stories with Yara on them has been strange. In three of those stories, she wants to sell stuff and in one she was smoking in Ramadan in Algeria.

Yara stopped being herself nowadays, and she wants to college money. she has turned her good name and career into an ATM. She has not released anything new in ages now. But she always seems to finds time to shoot pictures for ads and what's not.

The endorsement deal was announced in Dubai in a press conference where the company's manger expressed excitement to work with Yara. Yara said she has always been a fan of the jewelry line of PIAGET, as she has bough some of their products before.

Once again, I think Fadel Shaker was right about something when he dubbed Yara as trash and someone who pursues money wherever she may finds it. There was once a good girl who made good music and brought joy into the lives of those who give her a chance. This time, it's all about Yara's pocketbook. No one hates money, but in few months Yara will be nothing more than a walking billboard.

Yara - Law Bassely / يارا - لو بص لي


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