Friday, December 21, 2012

Egyptain Activist Ahmed Mousa Channels His Frustration

Using religion is a mean to suppress people is nothing new, but using it for political gain is as old as time itself. A young and passionate singer--one of the activist types has anew song where he whispers about those few ruling Egypt. He thinks they are using religion to get more power.

This is a sober song form a frustrated soul who is not angry yet. Anger is the last thing Egypt needs, certainly not from its artists. This is a slow song with a slow and simple melody. The sound mixing keeps it interesting. Ahmed Mousa wrote the music but the lyrics where written by Dr. Salma Salem. I guess the song also talks about freedom of the press as well.

This is no award winning song, but it feels to have come form the heart as if the artists put a picture of people who have been killed protesting and tried to speak from their vantage point.
بيتاجر بدينك - أحمد موسى


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