Friday, December 21, 2012

From Mohamed Dakdouk To Prophet Mohamed

When your name is Mohamed, I think you have a certain obligation, which is to defend your namesake more so than most other Muslims. Mohamed Dakdouk is one of the tens of stars who came to the music scene through the gates of Star Academe--he was on season 8.

After leaving the show, he had couple of concerts, interviews and such in between home in Syria, Cairo and Beirut. He now returns with a new single dedicated to the prophet of Islam--Mohammed. This songs comes as a reaction to the vile movies that made news on September 11, 2012. He sounds sincere and to have lived the song before he has recorded it.

He brings back that famed Syrian musical tradition with super charged vocal strength. It's those kinds of songs that show his skill, not some lame songs. He has to sing for a long time and hold his breath. Dakdouk has a winner here I feel the song unlike many before it, is actually well made with a high production value. Dakdouk challenged himself here to craft one song that speaks for a billion and a half soul. Daqdouq has a very strong voice which allows him to hits very high notes, which makes him easily perform Islamic anasheed style of singing with little instrumental music.

and he has chose the right time for this song.

أهدي النبي تحيتي وسلامي - محمّد دقدوق


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