Saturday, December 29, 2012

WATCH: Enchanted By Khalil Abou Obeid Isar ايسار: خليل ابو عبيد

Filmed in one of the most under marketed tourist spots in the world, Montenegro with a local director who has an international fame. Khalil Abou Obeid, the seasoned music coach known from Star Academy and most recently The Voice is making a big splash with the release of his most celebrated music project to date--Isar.

Not only does the artist put the focus on the music and its power to change hearts, he does so in style and grace unmatched on the stage. The dazzling Khalil brings out the piano out in the nature where he gets inspired to perform his latest piece. This versatile Lebanese music writer is letting us walk through his world and we are asking for an encore.

The music sounds with a live orchestra and Khalil has the honed skills the grandest opera singer performing in front of his peers with all the confidence in the world. Musicians do not have to sing in one language--their music speaks all languages. I am in love with piano and sentimental music that communicates without speaking. The romantic back story translates the music in a perfect way to add another dimension. 

Khalil does not make music on the cheap and he does not spare costs for his music video. He has said, the project is not about making money, but I hope it does. He is up to a great thing here and he may do Arabic music a great favor by freeing it from the chains of the spoken word.

With  Khalil Abou Obeid, music is universal once again. The good news for talents like Abou Obeid is in Lebanese cinema, more films are being made in Lebanon. His music as in soundtracks is needed to help the director tell a better story.

ISAR by KHALIL ABOU OBEID ايسار: خليل ابو عبيد


  1. جميل جداَ جدّاً, أحّب المواهب اللبنانية الشابّة وأتمنّى التوفيق للمبدع خليل ابو محفوظ