Saturday, December 29, 2012

Listen: نوال الزغبي - بكرا يا حبيبي / Nawal Al Zoghbi - Bokra Ya Habibi

Update: Thanks to a comment has informed us that this is a cover of a Warda song, no wonder why it sounded so elegant.

Nawal Al Zoghbi has a new single out and it feels like one of those eighties songs by the golden divas of that time. A Tarab song with real music made by instruments and not computer affects. The music plays like a fairy tale about the better tomorrow. A fun song made for us all in this throwback style--even the backup singers sound like they came from the past.

Nawal's style sounds like she channels Warda--whom they had a great relationship. It seems Nawal has outsmarted her peers and her foes with this prime choice song. It really reminds us that Nawal is a talented songstress who can do serious songs and make us dream. She seems to refuse to want to be stuck in pop scene  she sounds so good here.

I call it Nawal Al Zoghby 2:0. I do not think we have seen this sweet and mellow version before this moment. Bokra Ya Habibi allows her to show her vocal versatility. She has transformed herself into a full blown diva whose talent is more complex than we have previously seen. This song comes in time for the new year where we all hope for a better year, and I am feeling Nawal is already on her way for greatness.  

This song is made for liver engagements, and Nawal has been talking about this song for some time, for the first time in really long time, she has got it right. She leaves the crowded pop scene for a second and break new grounds. I can see her foes--after her divorce they are many fuming.

 نوال الزغبي - بكرا يا حبيبي / Nawal Al Zoghbi - Bokra Ya Habibi

Warda Bokra ya habibi


  1. its an old song for warda

  2. thanks for the tip, I made the change to the original post.