Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hits 2 Million Facebook Likes! She Gives Her Self A Cake!

Sandy hits the 2 million likes on her official Facebook page and she celebrates with a special cake made out of Kit Kat, M&Ms and Whoppers some other candy. She has also gotten a special congratulations with a picture form little Janna, the young and talented Egyptian actress. Janna has appeared in a music video that Sandy directed about Egypt.  

This is a milestone for the pop entertainer, Sandy is a hard working entertainer who known how to hold unto her fans tight.She keeps them on edge guessing what will be her next move. Sand has shown she is gunning for number one, she wants second to no one.  I think this is a happy occasion for Sandy, and she is using that to get back at her critics and her rivals in the pop scene. I happen to like the balloons and the number added to the cake to rub it in the faces of those foes.  

We like to celebrate success here, Sandy has transformed herself from your regular pop fashionable pop star into a serious and fashionable swell-rounded entertainer. I like how she has given dozens of Lebanese pop divas, a good run for their money.   

Sandy - Ayza A'olak / ساندي - عايزة أقولك 


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