Thursday, December 13, 2012

Razan Al Moghrabi Is An Idiot And Here's Why

Razan Al Moghrabi is currently hosting the Egyptian singing competition show "The Voice of Life" or Sawt Al Hayah. This is her comeback show after a video of her raunchy acts surfaced on the web. She took a year off and no one wanted her on TV. But then she is back now and things started to get good for her all over again.

Until she had one star on her show Nawal Al Zoghby appeared on the show where Razan presents. The young people on the show seemed to be in love with Nawal and her songs--they have done a great job covering some of her better known songs.

Then Razan told Nawal, "I love your new music video, it has Smashed records and has shattered the earth" She said in Arabic, "الكليب الجديد رائع وبيجنن ومكسر الأرض" Sounds good, but Nawal responded, "My new music video has not been released yet". Razan tried to recover form her lack of research and fake excitement by saying "Something tells me it will do all these things once it makes it out"

Nawal has a new music video she has been talking about but she has yet to release it. To see the exchange happens after minute (5:00)  I do not mean to pick on Razan, but she should stop trying to fake everything in her life. Nawal showered the judges with love and genuine love. The video editors seem to have cut that exchange. Hilmi Baker has gave his seal of approval to Nawal.

The social media loved this exchange and called out Razan Al Moghrabi for her uninformed comments and lack of tact. Others took issue with Razan Al Moghrab trying to speak as an Egyptian  Her Egyptian Arabic is laughable yet she insists to speak in it. She does kind yap a lot and make little sense which is not a good way if you want to make enemies.

صوت الحياة .. نوال الزغبي هنا القاهرة

 نوال الزغبي - صوت الحياة - ماعرفش ليه 12-12-2012

 ميدلي اغاني نوال الزغبي / صوت الحياة - الحلقة


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