Friday, December 28, 2012

Mirhan Hussein Promotes Sexual Harassment In Egypt

Men are pigs, let's get that out of the way. they will harass any female, her clothes do not matter, so there you have it. It's wrong to harass anybody, and it's creepy and dangerous when men try to harass and intimidate women in the streets of Egypt. Verbal harassment is also wrong, not only physical harassment. What some guys think is harmless fun is actually a creepy, immoral and sometimes illegal act.

Now, women also have a role to play, which is not becoming part of an act that promotes sexual harassment and hostility. The video below makes such hideous and unwanted acts look cool. This is why I take issue with one Egyptian songstress and young talent Mirhan Hussein. In the video below see alpha and beta males try to capture her attention.

Mirhan shot to fame for participating in the Star Academy show fifth season. She qualified with her singing, and acting. Then she met Tamer Hosny in his lowest point  he used her as a model for one of his music videos, concerns and she also starred in his move Omar and Salma sequel. She has taken part of a number of TV dramas and projects so she is a celebrity with a career.

I do not think this is the right way to do pop, Egypt has a problem with harassment on the streets and in other places, last thing they need is a music video with a female that seems to endorse the practice. Again Mirhan is not the only one at fault. Tamer Hosny has now realizee what he has been promoting in his music.


  1. Well, I have lost all my Respect from Tamer since 2011. I Used to Be a Big Fan of His Music but I find him sneaky, dishonest, Macho, Game playing, and arrogant. There are Many Hip Hop Artist in USA. Among them all, He Chose to make a duet with Snoop Dog. That right there should tell you something about His character. Snoop Dog made a Song back in the days called: diary of a pimp. The Song, per Wikipedia, was made for a Dirty x-rated adult Movie. I mean what Kind of Artist, Even thinks to make a Song for a Porno Movie?????? Its just disgusting. And Tamer thinks its cool to make a duet for World Fame with someone like this????? And then 6 month later He Makes an Islamic Song. Thats Why Many say He is a hypocrite. He has a double Standard. Its Not a positive influence in more conservative society.

  2. And i forgot to Mention His Movie involvement in Omar and Salms 3 with Lamitta Frangieh. If you google about her past, you will find article that basically says that Lamitta was a prostitute in the Cannes Film Festival. She was getting paid high $ to escort Rich Men to the Cannes Film Festival. The Fiunder, a lebanese, of this escort Service is now sitting in jail for running a Prostitution Business. The Point i try to make is that Tamer Makes Movies with These Type of Women. I don't Know Why He promotes These Type of People. I don't Trust him at all because of that.