Sunday, December 16, 2012

Watch This Controversial Lebanese Music Video By Myriam Klink (@myriamklinkk ) ميريام كلينك ثورة كلينك

Myriam Klink is a Lebanese model who is sick of politics and politicians in Lebanon. She is mocking them in the nude, and the controversial part is when she danced in a cemetery. This is a sexy voice song meant to seduce your soul by using that pitch of voice, groaning and moaning. The song about a private revolution started by one talent-less good looking young lady from Lebanon

Klink had done something interesting here, while most people mock art and singing, this time joke is on them and their political. The video went viral and raised some brows. Myriam is now saying what other people in Lebanon have been saying for the past thirty years--she only does it in less clothes. The controversy broke out when they learned the clip was filmed in a cemetery. In her defense, Myriam argued she filmed in front of her grandfather's grave.

I like the glamour part and the private jet. She is a model and she is no stranger to fashion. I am seeing hints of Haifa Wehbe. Weapons all over the place, debits, taxes, Lebanese racing to the closest embassy.  Myriam has no trouble taking off her clothes and showing her private parts. Call is pron grade entertainment with an agenda. But she is doing well, more than half a million people have already seen this clip.

The politics in Lebanon are absurd, maybe they can only be embarrassed by one absurd music video

Myriam Klink - Clip Klink Revolution (Music by Osane)

myriam klink revolution against books


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