Friday, December 14, 2012

Mahmoud ElMohandes "Are You FeelIng Me" Song محمود المهندس - حس بيا

The young souls in Egypt are cheering on a young pop star who is many things, but not quitter. Mahmoud Elmohandis  is that kid who sings romantic songs meant for those who are all broken up and bruised emotionally. He is a clam guy whose songs make you reach for the tissue box.

I have liked other songs by Mahmoud, but this new single of his comes at a difficult time for many in Egypt. The songs recorded in one of his live concerts engagements. While the song is a bit shorter than your average pop songs (a bit more than 2 minutes), it does set up a mood so well. But it leaves you wanting something more.

This song is for the ones with a soft side, the ones who are unafraid to shed a bit of tears for that not so distant past.

Mahmoud ElMohandes - 7ess Bya l محمود المهندس - حس بيا


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