Thursday, December 27, 2012

This World Is Coming To An End! Haifa Is The Lebanese Ceder

Haifa Wehbe forgot how she abandoned Lebanon in 2006 war on a private jet and now comes wrapped in a flag, claiming to be that country's most cherished symbol--the Ceder Tree. She is promoting herself on Twitter as that symbol now in the light of the car bomb in Beirut last week.

Haifa did something cool through, she circulated the names of the hospitals in need of blood donations, she has also mentioned all the names of the people who have been  hurt by this attack. Her Twitter account has also been keeping busy sharing designs and recreations of the attacked area.

It seems that since a lot of Lebanese celebrities do not want to talk about the bomb at this moment, Haifa sprinted forward to something she like doing--being in the spotlight. Her fans have been celebrating the move and hailing the pop star as some kind of hero. No question Wehbe loves her home but she is also a smart business woman.

Haifaa Wahby - Boos El Wawa / هيفاء وهبى - بوس الواوا


  1. I like Haifa. She is smart, beautiful, kind, and won't take anyone's BS. I do think She is hard working and goal oriented. I give her two thumbs up!