Saturday, December 29, 2012

050 Band's Name Taken From Their Towns Area Code

There are few guys who are proud of their Al mansoura town. They wanted to tell their fans, that you no longer have to travel to Cairo and Alexandria to hear good music live. The dudes brought rock music into their town and from that town, they brought their music to the rest of Egypt.

Their formula is making oriental rock, telling Egyptian stories live to the masses. The released singles, and then those singles became an album--which has built up their fan base.

Al Mansoura means the victories, a 120 miles Northeast of Cairo on the other bank of the Nile delta. A city know for its architectural style and unique dialect. The band is extremely proud of their town and they want to have their stamp on the musical scene from their victorious town.

050 Band | CBC Report About 23's Concert تقرير حفله الساقيه على سى بى سى


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