Monday, December 24, 2012

Faux Pas When Lebanese Songstresses Fake It

The fuax pas is not limited to a certain person, it's an error or a blunder when someone tries to do something but fail. This is specially interesting to see Lebanese entertainers who are hungry for money and have little dignity try to pass themselves as something they are not.

I am not talking about plastic surgeries  looks, or dance acts. There are plenty of examples of that. But today, I have run into a clip of two youngish Lebanese females entertainers on a UAE TV, when the show host asked them to speak in the local dialect. Naturally  guys like to see women try to get out of their comfort zone.

I do not think Yara and Myraim are best of friends -note how Myriam tried to ignore Yara when she greeted the panel. They are both two pop stars who are in it for a quick paycheck. They were asked to show off their dialect, and it seemed forced. Both tried to outdo the other, giving that both of them have have released an album with that dialect, it's a shame they would do anything asked of them on such shows.

ميريام فارس و يارا يتحدثون بالهجة الامراتية