Saturday, December 15, 2012

Watch: Mourad Bouriki Wins The Title At The Voice الحلقة الاخيرة - فوز مراد بوريقي باللقب

The proud kingdom of Morocco took home the title for the Voice, his mentor Assi Hallani is so proud. The winner of the first season of the Arabic version of The Voice is Mrad Boreqy. This was a stunning surprise for many observers who have not taken special interest in Mourad Bouriki and his dazzling performances.  The Moroccan flag flew a little higher in Beirut where the episode aired on Friday the 14th. The judges now can take a break after an informal finale--where Sherine brought her little girl who ran on stage.

This is the closing ceremony and each coach gave a closing speech and so has the four contestants. A class act speech by Katehm Al Saher who has recognized the suffering of the children and those who are living under attacks and bombing in the world. The final four came from Tunis, Iraq and two from Morocco. Mourad was the most professional and most loyal to his signings  He won because he was good, not because he was the most charismatic.

As for Mourad has dominated with his covers of the Syrian oldies--a t ouch singing form where high low pitches are needed to dazzle. I congratulate the young singer and wish him well, he has the voice and has now won The Voice over. His next move is important. I hope this is the begging of a Moroccan music revival.

MBC made a lot of money from this big in rating show--I was suspicious at first. Moroccans almost always do poorly in those shows whereas Egyptians tend to win more often. Some refer to RedOne, the world class Moroccan music producer interfering in favor to the Mourad. Mourad won the night with a cover of Oum Kalthoum song--always a crowd pleaser.

Mourad won few things, a big truck from a famous America company model 2013. A contract with Univrsal Music where the popular Moroccan native RedOne would oversee the production of the album.  

MBC The Voice - Ep14 / الحلقة الاخيرة - فوز مراد بوريقي باللقب

The Voice MBC - Ep13 / مراد بوريقي - يا مال الشام


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