Friday, December 28, 2012

Listen: Rashid Year 2013 Single كل عام - راشد الماجد - 2012

The most serious singer and safest bankable Khaliji singer Rashid Al Majid is out with a new song about the new year. The year he has spent with his new love and he wants to enjoy the time with her. It's a poem and he knocks that one out the park.

I love Rashid and know he can afford to chose the finest songs. He gets a butt load of poets lining up for him to pick their songs--he only chose the ones he feels. To escape all the pressure he keeps his recording sessions a mystery. He can make a new song each week and he he won't run out of money or good songs, yet he chose to give us a new single every tow to three months.

The new song of his is about the new year where it brings a new anniversary of love and romance. The song is never dull, it's passionate and it makes you feel happy and yes, there will be dance there too. Thousands of people have already heard and approves of the song. The poet behind those lyrics is Dr. Mane'h Bin Said Al-Attbah and the music is the work of Ali Kano

كل عام - راشد الماجد - 2012


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