Saturday, December 22, 2012

Great Stuff! Breaking The Boundaries "Ya Mn Hawah" (يا من هواه)

Take that sexual love out of the picture, and what you will be able to see will break the boundaries and show you a whole new world. If you are a musician who somehow is able to see beyond the bodily and individual love, you will find a universe of a different kind of love.

Not sure if many bands are able to pull this one, but the ones with a religious purpose find themselves staring such realities in the face and thus their music talks about the whole picture without getting philosophical.

Breaking The Boundaries is the name of that band to show me a new way. For friends who like music as a hobby, they were able to come up with a middle ground. Making rock music without the drama and the fashion show. The makeup of the band is in lead Guitar - Mohab Omar and vocals - new vocal so will be revealed Drums - Omar Raslan Rythem Guitar - Moayed Al qurashy Bass Guitar - Badr Madani

Breaking The Boundaries is a local band with a global audiance hungry to hear of them. they come from the Saudi city of Jeddah. They have only been around since late 2010 and their focus is to play alternative metal / blues / hard and soft rock music. Here's the kicker, the band is formed of medical students who like to do something different in their free times and share their music, lyrics. I saw, welcome and where have you been all my life?

breaking the boundaries & abdulrahman mohammed - ya mn hawah (يا من هواه)


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