Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lebanese Pop Ladies Cheapen Themselves يارا ودي بخير 2013

Is it me or do those Lebanese pop ladies are given Lebanon a bad name? There are a dozen of Lebanese females who go to the Gulf and make pop music in the local dialect. They also would never turn down a concert or a private party. They seem to be in it for the cash. With the cash, I feel their dignity pride and sometimes honor is lost.

I am assuming they are all good people who have all those values to begin with. Take for example a Lebanese diva who says no to cheap money. Najwa Karam, she has made a career and makes a comfortable living. But at her concerts they try to shower her with money. She stopped the concert and tells them you value me, when you listen to me. I am not here to collect cash.

This is how you make your legacy, not chasing after the dollars in various parts of town in exchange for you showing up. With that checkout this new single in the Khalij dialect made by none other than Lebanon's Yara who has sold out with passion to the highest bidder in the Gulf. There is no price on honor and certainly the people of Lebanon have always respected and valued their pride.
 يارا ودي بخير 2013


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