Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stream: Fatima Al Qadiri: The Oasis In Desert Strike

The Sengal native Fatima Al Qadiri is no stranger to war, she is one of a kind musician that always seems to be in a contact search for a better way to express war musically. Gunshots, and the whole nine yards. In a way she is so perfect to make music for our world in the virtual world of games where wars are popular. She is a video gamer herself.

Among the wars that have inspired Fatima to put into music is The First Gulf War "is a subject I've wanted to address for years," Al Qadiri writes over email. "I'm not a writer," she says, and couldn't write a memoir about her "experience as a child during the occupation of Kuwait and First Gulf War." But Desert Strike is a memoir nonetheless — "a sort of abstract audio memoir," she says. The music she creates is driven form her childhood memories yet geared toward those who like intercultural background music that stands form something.

The Desert Strike as her very own way of paying "homage to grime," but it's also a response: a masterful piece of work exploring the links between war and violence and representation and growing up. I know many speak about being citizens of the world, Fatima should be the president of that club. She lives and worked in New York City. Berlin, Dubai, Doha, London, Marrakesh, Kuwait City, Seoul, Milan, and other have seen her exhibitions and performances.

Fatima may rub some people the wrong way, she may even provoke some criticism for her work or the issues she chooses to highlight. I am unable to find much resources on her biography. something tells me that side of her life is off limits. All we have is her music which offers a lot of complexity on its own.      


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