Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Khalil Abou Obeid "Essar" Music Album

The music writer and contemporary composer and music teacher Khalil Abou Obeid is releasing his debut album "Essar" where the music takes a center stage form this creative Lebanese music coach. Not only did Khalil wrote the music, he has also invited scores of musicians and composers to contrite to this unique music project.

The album was released with as a number of Arab singers turned out for the event, Saber El Robaei was there and so was Dina Hayek. Assi Hallani spoke to the media about the work of Khalil who is working with The Voice. Composer Michael Fadel also was there. Khalil Abou Obeid becasme a household name when he coached students at the Star Academy program.

Khalil, wrote, composed, sang and produced the album all on his own. He even filmed his music video in the state of Montenegro with a Serbian director. Syrian young star Mohammed Majdoub was also present and so was Elaine Mahfouz. They all turned out to attend the launch of the soundtrack. Khalil is talking up the game is a non-commercial project--he is dong it for the love of the music.

عاصي وصابر في إطلاق "إيسار"


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