Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bassma Boussil Interview About Tamer Hosny's Album

Last year, pop star Tamer Hosny needed a break and he needed it bad. So he lunched the ill-fated album "Elly Gai Ahla", the album was a dud had failed to have one good hit. Tamer did not do well and at that time he started dating or courtship with now his wife Bassma Boussil.

The album got something right, what's coming is better was the title and for Tamer things seem to have gone his way. As he launched that album with a big bash surrounded by many singers, composers and performers something was there to interview the people who love Tamer. Last year it was dangerous to be seen with Tamer Hosny due to his stands and opinions on the revolution.

But one of the people that were interviewed (minute 2:38) she was in attendance and spoke about Tamer who will become her husband. Bassma did have a duet with Tamer on that album. She said he was like her older brother giving her parts of his experience in the music business. Bassma spoke in part Arabic, part English like most of those pop stars of Arabia at the moment.

Launching Tamer Hosny's Album "Ely Gai Ahla" - 2011


  1. Even though I like the songs on the ' Elly Gai Ahli' Album, I don't think the Album sold that well due to the Revolution. Bassma stated she saw Tamer as her older brother and now she married her older brother! I mean come on you don't go from sibling relationship to a Love relationship. If she would of said I see Tamer as a Older, mature friend/Role Model, it would of Been more appropriate. They are fronting it since 2011. Don't like both of them As they are dishonest hypocrites. I don't think they are a match made in heaven. Sorry, but there Marriage won't last.

  2. She acts according to her hair color. Dumb blond. Not all blonds are dumb, but this one is dumb, naive, insecure and psycho. While the Children in Gaza were dying in November, She wrote on her twitter Account how proud She is of her Plastic surgeries as they pay off. I do believe in freedom of speech/choice but at the same time I think she has nö self Respect and seems unaware about her surrounding. She is a selfish, heartless piece of trash who will lay her own bed. Karma will catch her.

  3. She ain't nothen but a attention seeking hoe. Damm, if She is so desperate for Fame She gonna have to work her Way up in Life. She thinks She won the lottery by marrying Tamer Hosny. LOL! They both Act like they are Americans Cause they spend some Time touring in USA! You think all of America is waiten for ya'll. Hell naw shorty. America has their own Music Industry. They don't need those two chicken heads. Illumination, taken over yo Body, mind, and Soul. They are a greedy couple.