Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jerks Prompt Tamer Hosny Not To Release His Wife's Debut Album

Tamer Hosny is a changed man, but the people of Arabia are still the same, they are conservative, confused and sometimes hypocritical. Thus, they are hard to please. Right before they got engaged and now married Egyptian pop sensation Tamer Hosny worked with his friend (now his wife) Bassma Boussil on a music video and a duet. The promo was released last year and there was a romantic love story in those short seconds.

Still Bassma Boussil wanted her music career to flourish  so Tamer Hosny introduced her to his producer Mohsen Jaber to produce an album for her--which he did. the album is ready to be released any minute now. But Tamer Hosny and Bassma Boussil are a couple now, so the game changes a bit. This is an issue because some jerks living at home with their parents put videos and pictures of Bassma when she was on Star Academy. Such people are haters and forget had this been their family, they would have been upset.

It's a tough position for Tamer to be in, if the album releases, jerks will talk and people will think Tamer is not being protective of his wife--translation one has to act as if they are obsessive. The album does not release, lots of money has to be paid back to the producers, and Bassma might not like to start her relationship with Tamer by ending her own music career.

I wish our people would talk less, and mind their business. so what she is singing not putting on a naked dancing show. But the latest rumor is that another songstress will perform the same songs which Bassma has already recorded -that would lower the sunk costs. What's missing is Bassma's voice on all this, she has yet to make a statement about her marriage first and second about her album.



  1. who cares. She is a dirty women! I don't like neither one of them.

  2. I hate her so much. She is a liar and very ugly.

  3. Both of them are faking it and use the public for their own interest. If they loved each other so much as they pretend in public, then why secretly marry in a foreign Country without the present of your own parents? Then he Makes a Music Video with Snoop Dog shortly after. Snoop Dog is known for his blunt lyrics, calling women whores, etc. If Tamer had self respect He would think twice about his choices. He is faking it, and only sees the $$$. She is chasing him like a Gold digger 4 the Love of $$$. They don't produce art, but trash. Long Life true Artist like elissa, amr diab, tarkan, to Name a Fee, who have a Sense of real talent and Music.