Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adel Mokhtar 2012 Single عادل المختار - الافندي / فيديو كليب 2012

I think Iraqi pop stars need to learn a simple rule, if you have a good song, do not make it into a music video on the cheap. I know nobody is helping them out get their Iraqi songs out, but to make a low budget music video with dancing I do not know what is an outdated formula.

Every young guy in Iraq who has a camcorder seems to now want to direct a music video, and those music networks, and YouTube people will broadcast them for free. The artists hopes to get his name out there and get to look cool. Those young stars are not seeking to help promote a song, but rather promote themselves to get concert gigs like at wedding.

Check out the young Adel Mokhtar make the same mistake. I like the guy and think he has a smooth style, but his music video for Al Afandy offers nothing fresh. Adel has 9 albums out and his single was released in the UK where he appeared for a concert promoting Iraqi culture.

 عادل المختار - الافندي / فيديو كليب 2012


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