Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Enast Lattouf @ The Syrian House Of Opera دار الأوبرا السورية

Enas Lattouf is a troublemaker young lady who has a velvet throat. She currently appears on The Voice as one of the contestant. She is a huge fan of Assi, so she is on his crew. Assi was the first judge to turn his chair, the rest did not. she did not go without teasing them about regretting not picking her.

Enas could use some good news as her home has not being stable for at least 16 months now. Enas seems to have dozens of fans who comment on her news and status. If the performance below any indication, Enas is the real treat of the show. Enas comes from a minority group from the port city of Tartus. she seems to have a massage following among the Syrian community at large.

ايناس لطوف "زهرة المدائن" دار الأوبرا السورية.


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