Monday, December 17, 2012

Egyptian Suspense Flicks! Trailer Midnight Party Movie - تريلر فيلم حفلة منتصف الليل

Suspense or thrill movies are often a fun escape, I am one of those countless people who like to set on the edge of their seat waiting to find out how a movie ends. If the director did a good job, we will be in for a surprise and twisted end. Egypt has not really tried to make any good movies in this genre.

They have tried few times, and few movies were worthy of being celebrated. The script is always key, but also the acting, the music and the details are important. I am seeing a movie that might be pulling a stunning story....Midnight Party.

The timing is hardly ideal, the film will screen this holiday season around Egypt. Such films cannot really compete with silly comedies  so they settle to opt out of competition. The film has been ready for more than a year, but the release has been pushed back due to the turn of events in Egypt.

A movie as the trailer and the name suggest about a midnight party, some twists, action and drama. There seems to be a solid cast with many A and B list names helping advance the story without making it about themselves. I look forward to seeing more of this film, I know Egypt and Arab countries are hungry for such good stories.  

Trailer Midnight Party Movie - تريلر فيلم حفلة منتصف الليل


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