Saturday, December 29, 2012

Listen: Ana Gheir ( Teraggemni) Myriam / أنا غير (ترقمني) ميريام فارس

Myriam Faris has never said no to a good party, and for that most men are grateful. She is a Goddess of pop music and has given each Arab region a fair chance to hear Myriam do their local songs for them. She has done this early on in her career. Remember in 2005 her music video where she wore a T-shirt with the flags of Arabic countries.

She started by doing Egyptian songs, then she found her way to the Gulf and dazzled them. Later she would break into the Moroccan songs and please them. And for Algeria she sported the flag and wished them well on their Independence day. The same thing she did for the Saudi national day where her Facebook featured the songstress with the flag.

Now comes her song that she was forced to release, after the song leaked in the United Arab Emirates where it was recorded and was meant to be including on her upcoming 2013 album. We are promised an album where Myraim does songs in all Arabic dialects. This would be a fun project to see through, I am sure it requires a lot more work than your average one note one dialect album.

The new song is available for purchase on iTunes and other music stores. Myriam has not told of who worked on this song yet. It's a dance song delivered in the Khaliji dialect. It's a fun love song with a catchy beat, it tells no stories just few simple lines and loads of joy in this time of the year.

Ana Gheir ( Teraggemni) Myriam / أنا غير (ترقمني) ميريام فارس


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