Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mai Hariri Opens Fires At Other Lebanese Female Celebrities

Mai Hariri is not out to make friend with her latest interview where she was given a chance to speak about her sizzling new music video where she is playing the sexy card--she did very well indeed. But Mai is one of those pop songsters that have yet to get a huge commercial success  She does have what it takes for the role and she has a lovely voice.

 But it seems that she has no friends among her peers in Lebanon, so she spoke about other pop starlets and shared her nuggets of wisdom. I like her honest, I am the better looking one among them and my feminine side tops them all. Here are some of her comments.

  1. Maya Diab is lacking in the feminine side. Maya is too tall.
  2. Haifa Wahbe got the feminine side, and the beauty, but her body is average.
  3. Myriam Faris and Nancy Ajram are not beautiful but they are cute. Myraim is too short.

I am sure there is some truth in there, but truth hurts and some people might not love such comments. May is talking up herself. Mai feels her looks intimidate her peers. She is funny too, "I am a mother and I have given birth  and still look good without no plastic" "I get my looks form my late mother, my cheeks are awesome"

مي حريري والجمال - شادي خليفة


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