Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Song Will Bring Egypt Your Doorsteps على قد ما حبينا- على الحجار

Be cool, chill, love folks around you and dream big those are the words of this classic Ali Al Hajjar song whose voice has been telling the Egyptian story for at least three decades. The song is about pure in heart. Man, those songs remind me of being a kid in the back of my father's Mazda station wagon and doing my homework as the radio plays this song.

The song is about family and about our collective live journeys. I love the live performance and the chorus. This song came in the eighties, a cassette tape that lunched then young and skinny Ali's career. As you listen to this song, count your blessings, enjoy this track and live the moment.   

على قد ما حبينا- على الحجار


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