Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dubai Cares, Oxfam Collects Their Cash

The British charity Oxfam travels to where the money is in order for them to deliver to where the money is not. In Dubai and during the Dubai International Film Festival, tens of Arab, Indian and British entertainers turned out for a charity auction put together by Oxfam. Colin Firth supported and took part of the auction--he is a big supporter of the charity.

Some stars donated items, bid on certain items and some spoke about their presence will increase the value of the items being auctioned off. Wealth businessmen and women bid on the items and it seemed to have raised almost half a million dollar to support charities of Oxfam. This is Colin's second visit to Dubai as he was there in 2010 at the Dubai International Film Festival. Frida Pinto also took part of the fundraiser.

The UAE is also celebrating the special relationship it has with the UK. So naturally many celebrities form the United Kingdom are in Dubai. There were lots of jewelry, clothes painting and other donated items of interest. One thing I take issue with, the large salaries officials of Oxfam pay their employees--they really do pay themselves a lot of money for their services.  

Oxfam auction Dubai 2012 12 18


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